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One of the biggest challenges in home or office cleaning is using only those products that are completely safe, non-toxic and eco-friendly. Using eco-friendly supplies reduces your home�s toxic burden on the environment. To fulfill this goal, you need to choose a green cleaning or eco cleaning service. Mission Maids, Hollywood, introduces itself to you as a company that looks after housekeeping needs in an eco-friendly manner. We welcome you!

At Mission Maids we genuinely care for the environment. We always strive to reduce the carbon footprints that we humans leave. Our ultimate goal is to provide you with fresh and clean air so that you can improve your health and rejuvenate your mind. We are affordable as well.

Mission Maids is counted among the top Hollywood green maid services. Set up in the year 1987, we have been taking care of our clients varying housekeeping needs effectively. All our maids carry extensive experience, are well trained and certified to cater to your needs efficiently. Before we allow a maid into your home, we also screen their backgrounds. That�s why you can feel completely safe when working with eco cleaning maids and cleaners.

Each product or material that we utilize to accomplish our cleaning task comes from health and natural food stores. These products are environment friendly, free from any kind of toxins and safe.

Mission Maids is a bonded company with best insurance availability. During housekeeping, we take extreme care not to harm or damage any of your valuable assets at home or office. While working with our home cleaning company, you can be sure that you are in good hands.

Get in Touch with Us Now If your are interested in hiring our Hollywood eco cleaning services, you can make a telephone call at 323 957 0344 right away to connect with our main office. You can also connect with us via email at

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