Mission Maids Offers Green Maid Services

You can’t let just anybody walk into your home when it comes to hiring a maid service. It’s your responsibility to ensure the complete safety and security of your house, family and kids. That’s exactly where Mission Maids, Santa Monica, steps in. As our service name suggests, we are on an ongoing mission to provide your with certified housekeepers who use only natural green cleaning services to keep your home safe from toxic chemicals and harmful substances.

Our green maid services are known for its credibility, reputation and professionalism all across the Santa Monica area. Whether it’s about cleaning bathroom, kitchen, toilet or the whole apartment, our maids are expertly trained to offer a level of cleaning service you have always dreamt for. Above all, our housekeepers use only eco-friendly products to clean your home. Our green cleaning services also happen to be extremely affordable.

Whether it’s about the quality of our green maid service or the security of your home, Mission Maids has a successful track record of catering to its clients needs since the year 1987. All the cleaning supplies provided by Mission Maids and products used by our housekeepers are completely environment-friendly. Hiring certified and experienced maids have never been easier.

Right from its inception, Mission Maids has remained to be a family-owned business. Starting with only a small office, we now have three full-service offices catering to your house maid requirements. We are highly grateful to each of clients for supporting and trusting us at all times. All our cleaning services abide by the rules and regulations of OSHA.

Get in Touch with Us Now For detailed information on our green maid service in Santa Monica, you can call our main office at this number – 323 957 0344. Allow us to provide you with certified maids skilled in green cleaning techniques.

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