Two Kinds of House Cleaning: A Pasadena Maid Shares A Story

Los Angeles housekeeping services come in all shapes and sizes, from solo entrepreneurs working their way through each day to huge multinational corporations with thousands of maids across North America. Mission Maids is a collective of independent contractors gathered together in an organization that screens out the bad seeds, making sure that all of our maids are both self-motivated and honest. We provide two kinds of house cleaning in Pasadena. We’ll let one of our maids tell you about them.

“I was working for a bail bondsman that’s frequently not home because he’s out of state chasing someone who ran. I clean just his kitchen and bathroom every Wednesday and Friday. This time, as I was just finishing up his kitchen, he came in the door with a man in handcuffs and another pretty scary guy with huge arms and tattoos everywhere.

“The big guy looked at me, and I thought he was checking me out. Then he turned to my client and said ‘Seriously? You have a maid?’ and started laughing. My client told him that he couldn’t stand cleaning his kitchen, and that he should try it sometime. I didn’t think anything more of it.

“Then three months later, I got a call. A man asked me if I could clean up a room full of blood. I thought he was joking, but I said yes — because I can. He gave me his information, and when I got there the next day, it was Mr. Tattoos! I asked him, joking, if he had gotten shot, and he said no: he had cut his hand rather badly filleting a fish.

“His hand was all wrapped up — I didn’t want to see it — but his kitchen was a mess, and there was blood trailing from the kitchen to the bathroom down a carpeted hallway. It took me a couple of hours, but I got it up. He tipped me more than I’d been tipped in years, and he’s called me back twice since then to handle small disasters for him.

“I still clean my client’s bathroom and kitchen every Wednesday and Friday — he’s one of my ‘bread and butter’ clients — but I’m proud to be first on the list for Mr. Tattoo’s emergency cleanups, too.”

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