Got An LA Vacation Rental You’re Not Cleaning? Los Angeles Maids to the Rescue!

Most vacation rental owners consider a lot of different factors to be important to the success (or failure) of their business — but surprisingly often, cleanliness is not one of them. They tell their customers to clean up the place before they leave, and they more-or-less assume that that’s enough. Unfortunately, life is never actually that easy, and if you try it that way you’ll find that two or three families later, you start getting angry letters demanding money back.

If you want to actually make a profit on that tidy little vacation house you purchased and only use for three weeks a year, you’re going to have to rent it out often and efficiently — and that means a minimum of downtime between renters. That means that getting out there and doing it yourself isn’t an option. You need a genuine deep-down clean to keep the place smelling fresh and looking good — which means hiring a neighbor kid to do the job won’t fly, either.

You need a professional Los Angeles maid. No matter how large and exotic your vacation rental — and no matter how bad the mess your previous renter left behind — it can all be finished in a single afternoon’s cleaning. Los Angeles maids will send out as many maids as it takes to get the place ready for your next rental by the next morning.

Mission Maids can not only get your vacation rental clean in time to get back to profit-readiness the next day, but we offer that extra touch. If you ask, we can provide fresh flowers, mints, and other welcoming extras each time we clean — the kind of above-and-beyond that makes your renters remember you and want to come back next year.

If you’re not certain, try an experiment: the next time you’re about ready to use your vacation rental for a getaway of your own, call Mission Maids and have us come in and give your rental our full treatment. Then come over for your vacation and learn for yourself exactly what walking into a freshly-serviced vacation home can be like. Look at it from your future customer’s perspective — we’re positive you’ll see the potential and come back to Mission again and again.

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The Power of Subtlety: A Maid in Santa Monica Shares A Story

Anyone who has ever used a cleaning service in Los Angeles knows the power of subtlety — that ability that a great maid has to get in, get their jobs done, and get out without being more than a shadow in your peripheral vision. One of our maids in Santa Monica shared this story with us. (Names omitted to protect our clients’ privacy, of course.)

“I was called in as backup for another maid’s regular weekly cleanup that had gotten a little bit out of hand. She normally cleans up her client’s home every Saturday morning because the four bachelors that share the place party hard every Friday night. This time, she arrived to find several kegs of beer and dozens of people passed out all over their huge living room.

“I got there about an hour later and found that she’d cleaned up the kitchen and the bathrooms, but was nervous about starting in on the greatroom with all of those people there. We boosted one another’s morale a bit, and once we got over our fears, we went in and started carefully cleaning around everyone.

“It took the two of us about an hour to clean up the room, including stacking the kegs off to one side and picking up what must have been at least eight bags of peanut-butter-filled pretzel nuggets, several dozen of which had been mashed into the floor. During that time, a few people woke up and left, but most of them slept right through us scrubbing the carpet next to them.

“When the home’s owners finally came to, we were just about done — we had worked our way to the front door and were about to leave. One of the bachelors approached us and handed me a sizable bill. ‘I have no idea how you did it,’ he told me, ‘but this place looks great, and I know it couldn’t've been easy.’

“He proceeded to wake everyone up and asked us to make sure no one was sleeping on any significant stains or other issues. We found a couple and quickly cleaned them up, during which time the other guests commented on the fact that the room looked ‘better now than it did when the party started’.

“We went home proud and determined to keep cleaning quietly and efficiently no matter how strange the circumstances.”

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Why Would I Ever Hire An Encino Housekeeping Service?

Well, that’s a silly question: to clean your house, of course! Seriously, though, don’t you have your hands full enough? Working, raising a family, caring for your spouse, sports games, extra-curricular activities, church functions, don’t forget your parents — when exactly are you supposed to find the time and energy to attend to something like dusting?

We’d like to offer you the best possible answer to that question: never. Rather than tap your already-depleted reserves of willpower and attentiveness, focus them on things that really matter, like your family and friends. That’s the real power of an Encino housekeeping service — we keep Encino sane and friendly.

Have you ever turned away a visitor because you were too embarrassed to let them see past the front door? Have you ever met someone at a restaurant because it was easier to pay for dinner than it was to clean the kitchen? This is what a southern California maid service is made for.

The process is simple: you tell us what the job is and when you need it done by. We send out as many maids as you’ll need in order to get the job done on time. If you’ll be best served by regularly scheduled visits going forward, that’s perfectly normal — but if you only need help for this one crunchtime event, we’re still absolutely happy to help.

If your concern is that you don’t want strangers coming into your home, that’s natural — but you have to be honest with yourself. Which is better: exposing your home to a stranger once so that the next time, you can do it without shame, or hiding behind closed blinds forever? Here’s two good reasons to go with option one:

First, you can be completely confident that our maids have seen disasters worse than yours. Have you ever seen Hoarders? We’ve cleaned that, and we don’t judge you by your mess. We can’t guarantee they won’t giggle if they come across the furry handcuffs under your bed, but that’s just because they’ve never seen them in leopard print before.

Second, 100% of our maids have been background-checked to the Ninth Layer and back again, from criminal records to random drug tests to asking their mothers if they’re good people. We’ve been in business since 1987 and none of our maids has ever been convicted of theft or other crimes against our clients.

Stop hiding — start inviting. Call Mission Maids today.

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Maybe Just The Bathroom: A Maid in Los Angeles Shares A Story

Los Angeles housekeeping services have evolved quite a bit since the ‘French maid’ outfits and hand-and-foot service of the Victorian era. Today, maids are a lot less like Dobby the house elf and a lot more like a toolkit waiting to be called upon — a toolkit that can be used to create extra time or to alleviate stress when you need a break the most. This is a story of just such a time from one of our maids in Los Angeles. (Names and details have been altered to protect our client’s privacy, naturally.)

“I was working at a routine job — I clean the Jergins’ home every Wednesday. Usually, they’re gone, but this time, they were at home and were entertaining some friends. When I came in and told them I was going to get started, they introduced me casually, and I stepped away to go about my work.

“An hour and three bedrooms later, I came back downstairs to fetch some special stain remover because one of their kids had bled on his mattress. Their guest pulled me aside and asked me up front if I could help her. She was taking care of her husband who had hurt himself working, and taking care of him was really taking it’s toll on her.

Maybe…maybe just the bathroom… I remember her saying — she was very guilty about not being able to keep up her house and attend to her injured husband at the same time. I told her we’d love to help, and I made an appointment to come over the next Monday.

“When I got there, the house was immaculate — I could tell she’d just finished cleaning up. Cleaning up so that the maid wouldn’t think ill of her…that told me everything I needed to know. I sat down and told her that she didn’t have to impress me — I was already proud of her for taking care of her husband. She cried on my shoulder, and asked me how much I could do in two hours every week.

“Her husband recovered and got back to work a few months later — but I still go back there every Monday and clean the bathroom. Just the bathroom.”

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Working Moms of Los Angeles: Housekeeping Services May Be the Tool You Need

There are three kinds of working moms in Los Angeles. Housekeeping services are practically custom-tailored to suit two of them. If you’re the kind of working mom who’s supported by a ‘house husband’, you’re a very lucky woman. If you’re a solo mom holding down a job and a child, or you’re one part of a dual-income married pair, welcome to our world.

You come home from a long shift at your job, put your work clothes away, bust out your sweats, and go right back to work. Dinner, bath time, play time, bedtime — and then, if you’re lucky, you still have enough stamina to do a walkthrough of the place and do some basic housework before you squeeze in a shower of your own and collapse.

Let’s set aside our feminine guilt and look at the situation honestly: do we really have to be breadwinners, housekeepers, and mommies all at once? What if we could pass off one of those duties to someone else — wouldn’t having more time to focus on raising the children be better for them in the long run? How about sleep? We hear that’s supposed to be sort of good for you, too.

Instead of beating yourself up for being ‘lazy’ or ‘self-indulgent’ when you consider hiring a cleaning service, think of it as investing in your relationship with your children. After all, yelling at them to stop poking each other while your hands are covered in grease and dishsoap isn’t really doing either you or them any good. That’s when you turn to a cleaning service. Los Angeles has no shortage of excellent choices (Mission Maids would love to hear from you!), so finding the ‘right one’ for you is almost a sure thing.

The truth is that while your kids (and possibly your husband) don’t really care who does the dishes or washes their clothes as long as it isn’t them. But they do care a lot about who gives them their time and attention — and there’s just too much to do to hold down a job, a home, and kids at the same time without something giving way. Don’t let it be you — hand off the worst of it to a cleaning service and free yourself up to focus on what counts.

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